Cperspectives Coaching – with a broad view of what’s essential.

Would you like to take a step back?
Would you like to take time to focus on issues that really matter?
Are you looking for new perspectives?

Our systemic coaching supports and accompanies you down the path of your own personal and professional development. It will open up space to think freely, open up new vistas:

The leaves of the tree show to you possible Coaching topics and occasions when  scrolling above them.
Perspective Time-
and Selfmanagement

Personal development and evolution
Strengthening resources
Identifying and understanding one’s own drivers

Perception of one’s own stress factors and developing strategies to deal with them
Perceiving and setting boundaries
Dealing with perfectionism
Coping with multiple sources of stress
Improving ability to handle and tolerate conflict

Addressing and mastering changes
Determining one’s own situation and deriving conclusions (“Is the direction still okay?”)
Orientation and decision-making
Shaping transitions

Preparatory and initial steps as a manager
(Further) development of one’s own leadership style
Examining career paths
Acting and being perceived as authentic
Communicating successfully

You are already in possession of the solutions and options for action for many issues and challenges. We accompany you in the process of sharpening your own perception of them and deepening your self-reflection.
In this way, you can decide on things and change them, recognise new perspectives, and integrate and implement them in an effective manner. At the same time, you’ll attain greater clarity about your approach and potential, and about your self – clarity that will bring you appreciably further down your own path.

We consider our role as coach as a professional companion, sparring partner and source of inspiration for professional and managerial personnel, as well as private individuals.

You can find more information about our understanding of coaching, the process and conditions in our