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    Cabout Cperspectives.


    Creating connections and new perspectives with a broad view of what's essential – that is Cperspectives [C = „see“ ].
    This is symbolized by our logo as well:

    CPerspectives Logo

    The number seven stands for wholeness and at the same time for development and change.
    Change happens gradually, often in loops. It touches multiple levels of systems, be they people or organizations. This is symbolised by the seven steps, loops, levels, as well as the “Cs" in the logo

    The individual circles are interconnected; they meet at a single point, creating a shared basis. Through their combined power, each of them is also capable of expressing their individuality. It represents people who work together in a system based on their own socialisation, with their own personalities and in an organisational culture often characterised by a range of cultural roots.

    The onion skin model can be interpreted as an image with different perspectives of personality development:

    • Personality development means to complement and complete one's self.
    • We are the ensemble of the roles that we play in our lives. The inner self thereby “sounds” through all roles. (Latin “personare”: to sound, sound through)
    • Become who you truly are: We are not developing toward something, but are rather slowly unwrapping what we actually are in our own being.


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    Mirjam Seher

    Mirjam Seher

    Mirjam Seher accompanies development and change processes of companies and individuals. A special feeling for people and organisations and the interplay between them characterise Mirjam Seher’s work as a consultant, trainer and coach. She is skilled at building bridges between different country and company cultures – and in the fine art of communication. Diversity and changes in perspective are very important to her.

    She has gained valuable expertise in more than ten years working for several companies both in Germany and abroad. Her last assignment was as communications manager of a major bank in Central and Eastern Europe. Her positions as executive assistant to the board, sales director, project manager and in human resources have enabled her to gain experience in a range of areas and at all hierarchical levels.

    As a graduate in international business and cultural studies with work and life experience in six different countries, she is highly versed operating in intercultural environments, and is able to communicate fluently in German, English, Italian and Spanish. She is also a trained systemic coach (ISB Wiesloch) and a certified trainer and project manager.

    Elisa Alberto

    Elisa Alberto

    As an expert in intercultural management and organization development, Elisa Alberto´s work focuses on global change management projects, organizational transformation, international collaboration and team development. She is passionate about understanding and developing individuals and organization and supporting them in creating a positive change, both at personal and organizational level.

    She also coaches managers and executives on intercultural challenges, from one-to-one coaching to designing and delivering multinational and/or virtual team building programs, as well as global leadership and intercultural trainings. She has extensive experience in the field of virtual teams and virtual collaboration and is also a certified virtual trainer. She recently wrote a book on virtual leadership "Making Virtual Real: how to lead global teams across distance" (Alberto, Wawra, 2016).

    She holds a BA degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures as well as a Master degree in International Communication Management. She is also a systemic consultant and coach (Beratergruppe neuwaldegg), and a certified coach for the international profiler development tool. Originally from Italy, Elisa has lived in several countries, both for study and work. She is fluent in English,


    We cooperate with a carefully selected professional network of partners from organisational consulting, training, coaching, science and art. Connected by our shared history in a range of contexts, we have a great degree of trust in each other, and the ways we work harmonise and complement each other.

    We share a respectful and empathic fundamental attitude, a great deal of enthusiasm for our work, a liking for creative and innovative approaches, and a high quality standard for our work


    Cooperation is a matter of trust. For reasons of discretion and trust, we are publishing only a few of our references here. We would be glad to name further references to you in a personal conversation, and we will make contact for you upon request.

    Sensitive, determined and providing clarity. The coaching with CPerspectives helped me reach a sound response during an important professional decision making process. We deployed different approaches that were able to integrate heart and mind. I can clearly represent the decision I made, which means the coaching was sustainable. In addition, the coaching offered me useful indications of development issues that are still open.

    - Monika B., self-employed consultant, film industry

    Coaching with Mirjam Seher was a great experience: it helped me very much in being aware of my strengths and weaknesses, in guiding the key decisions and in managing people.
    I had other experiences with coaching; but what made the difference having Mirjam Seher as a coach has been her previous experience in business, namely in the financial industry. The capability of understanding in deep a company’s environment was a key value.

    - Stefano M., Manager UniCredit, Milan.

    Without the coaching experience with Mirjam I'd not be the same. I stopped complaining and ‎I started to build the right capabilities to manage my team.
    Her ability to understand people's behaviors and their potential in the context of business organization‎s created the right ground to improve the decision process in my department.
    Her former business experience made the coaching something very concrete and with immediate practical applications in my real life.

    - Julia S., Manager Bank Austria, Wien

    You will never understand coaching until you try. And you experiment ‎how important it is to understand yourself before being able to understand and manage other employees. Any company can improve its managerial capability using coaching as an instrument to support the employees. And for this, I can highly recommend Mirjam Seher as a coach.

    - Matthias F., Manager Publishing Industry, Munich