Making Virtual Real

Working effectively across distance and culture
New book by Elisa Alberto & Cperspectives training offer

What is the first thing you do when you start your working day? Most likely it is turning on your computer, logging in to your company´s virtual platform or checking your e-mails on your smartphone. Probably while reading this text you may be also receiving e-mails from your colleagues in China, or perhaps waiting to join a web-meeting with your US partners.

book-making-virtual-realThis new “working approach” of being constantly and easily reachable through different media has not only become a requirement for executives right across the world, but it is also now a key priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes to be able to minimise cost structures in order to maximise return on capital. Virtual teams are one way of reducing travelling costs, while hiring top talent, irrespective of location in the world. And yet, despite these changes, so many managers continue to search for recommendations on how to make virtual working real. And that is where the new book by Elisa Alberto, partner at Cperspectives, comes into play.

It consists of a unique compilation of different perspectives on virtual collaboratio
n and virtual leadership, based on 8 years of research and more than 10 years’ of experience directly working with clients. This experience involves working with teams focussing on international change management, strategy and team development – all projects with a strong focus on virtual collaboration.
The aim of this book is to provide you with a practical guide into the virtual world, from the perspective of a team member, as well as the team leader. In it, the authors share their practical experience in working with virtual teams, offering a wide range of useful tools and approaches for establishing, leading and facilitating successful geographically-dispersed teams.

As a leader this book offers great tools in the initial stages of building a virtual team as well as for later on, when managing the team or assessing team performance.
As a virtual team member, you will get ideas and insights about how cultural differences can affect how people communicate and understand each other in virtual meetings, as well as practical tips on virtual facilitation.
As a consultant or virtual trainer, you will have a comprehensive guide that covers the most important aspects of virtual leadership, virtual collaboration and facilitation.

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